Judy Collins Legendary singer/songwriter and Grammy winner

Judy Collins, legendary singer/songwriter and Grammy winner has been a force in American music and culture since breaking through as a folk artist in the early 1960s. Since then, she has also recorded contemporary pop, Broadway show tunes and Tin Pan Alley standards; along the way, Collins helped introduce the world to the music of such notable songwriters as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. In addition, Collins has a long and distinguished record as a social activist and humanitarian. In the 1960s, her beautiful voice rang out for civil rights and in opposition to the Vietnam War. An early environmentalist, Collins dedicated her best-selling 1970 album, Whales and Nightingales, to saving the endangered humpback species of whale. For many years, Collins has served as a UNICEF representative with a special interest in the campaign to destroy existing landmines and abolish their use. In recent decades, Collins has also become a visible and outspoken advocate for the prevention of suicide and for the understanding of victims of depression and substance abuse.