Judy Towne Jennings Author, 'Living With Lewy Body Dementia'

Judy Towne Jennings, PT, MA is a physical therapist. She has worked for many years with adults and geriatric patients. She was also an enthusiastic baby development specialist until caring for her husband forced her to become an expert in caregiving for Lewy Body Dementia.

Judy has always been an advocate, a voice for those who could not speak for themselves. She has lectured extensively on the importance of early tummy time for infants to assure that they attain developmental milestones. What babies do in the first six weeks and six months impacts how they will do in preschool and later in school. Information on baby development and the importance of tummy time for infants is available on her website www.fit-baby.com.
With the experience gained while caring for her husband, she will now become a voice for those with a deteriorating neurological disease. Lewy Body Dementia is still not well known, and few understand the course of the disease. It is heartbreaking to see a person with LBD in a nursing facility suffering from the errant administration of drugs. It is sad to see the interaction of families with someone who displays less skills one day than the day before. The patient is accused of being lazy, stubborn, oppositional; when in fact mental and physical skills come and go without any control.

Judy will be available to lecture about her caregiving experiences and her book.

She lives in the Cincinnati area. She loves to spend time with her family and continues to play tennis, do research, and travel.