Justin Crump Intelligence, security and world affairs

Justin is CEO of Sibylline Ltd, an international intelligence and risk analysis consultancy based in the UK. He has a personal focus on international jihadist terrorism, strategic affairs, military evolution and intelligence operations worldwide and is a regular speaker at conferences, workshops and seminars. He is often in the media, particularly al-Jazeera, where he is a guest commentator on security and intelligence affairs.
Justin has a BA from Durham and an MA from King’s College London’s Department of War Studies. He has seventeen years’ service in the British Armed Forces, including operational experience in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, and a tour as the personal staff officer to Major General the Duke of Westminster. His civilian experience includes investment banking and management consulting, particularly in the security sector, and before founding Sibylline he spent three years as a Director of another risk firm. He remains an active participant in City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN), editing their bi-monthly UK and Ireland Risk Monitor.
When not working out what to say on the Huffington Post blog or looking after a hyperactive terrier, Justin enjoys skiing, sailing, crossfit training and – occasionally – painting. You can follow him on Twitter @sibyllic.