Karsten Fischer CEO, PDD, global product and service design and innovation consultancy

Karsten Fischer is the CEO of PDD, global product and service design and innovation consultancy. Prior to becoming PDD’s CEO in 2008, he was the group’s Finance Director. Karsten has a degree in Management & Systems Science from City University’s Cass Business School in London. Under his leadership, the PDD senior team successfully completed a management buyout in 2009. Karsten leads a team of 70 researchers, designers and engineers in design studios in Europe and Asia who design innovative products and services for clients such as Samsung, Novartis and Vodafone. Before joining PDD, Karsten worked in the airline industry in a variety of commercial roles in Sales & Marketing and Finance as well as in Account Management in the financial services industry in the City of London. A native German, he has lived in London since the late 1990s. Some of his earlier years were spent in Australia and the former Soviet Union where Karsten experienced the last few years of Cold War politics as an expatriate. Besides his passion for design, he has a strong interest in current affairs and modern history.