Kevin DeBacker and Eric Brown Best Friends With Dating Advice Benefits

Kevin DeBacker co-wrote and starred in 2Pac: The Musical! -- a long-running, bi-
coastal Jukebox Musical satire. He wrote and performed in Celebrity Funeral: Sarah Jessica Parker as a desperate, DVD-pedaling Hugh Grant, The It Sucked Awards! as a lonely Facebook dad, Late Night Trash as a Sassy VonDutch hat and more –- all on the UCB stage. Other writing projects include: E! True Hollywood Story: Matthew McCounaghey's Shirt (a web-series about the shirt Matt never wears) and Big Brother: Victims and Their Attackers (an online parody of the once popular CBS show).

He’s currently working on a one-man sketch show -- "Kevin DeBacker Is A Prophet of God," about growing up in a -- praying-in --tongues home (think Jesus Camp), and a coffee table book.

Lastly, he’s a graduate of the University of California Irvine with majors in Anthropology and Theatre.

Eric Brown hails from the foothills of Northwestern Pennsylvania where he was once employed as an oil field worker. He was on the cover of Scientific American Mind (May 2011).