Kimann Schultz arts advocate, author illustrator, podcaster

Huff Post blogger since May 2013, Author Illustrator & Arts advocate Kimann Schultz is Kurt Vonnegut Library & Indy Opera boards member, FAShion Arts Society IMA past prez & Fashion News & Muse podcaster. A self-described “Pollyanna Polemic,” Kimann is the author 3 full-length books & numerous short stories. The Comfortable Man & Rugs On Puddles Coats Over Oceans are available for Kindle at Amazon. Kimann's essay "Do What You Have to do" is featured in This I Believe: On Motherhood (2012). Original songs by Kimann & Mike Schultz are available on iTunes & Amazon. Her essay "Benevolent Illumination" is featured in Carmelo Blandino's 2015 In Bloom. Art & Lit + LINKS TO ALL PAST HP POSTS at Articles & Advocacy at Interiors Illustration

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