Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years, starting her career at GQ and Vogue before moving on to Company magazine, as Fashion Editor, Kirsty Hathaway then started up her own online lifestyle and fashion magazine Beach Tomato, which aims to target a fashion-savvy audience with an innate passion for travel. Beach Tomato brings the very best of beach culture from around the world, from the undiscovered and remote beaches to the chic, buzzy havens of paradise, Beach Tomato advises everything from where to go to what to wear - the one stop shop for everything beach.

Born on the east coast of Scotland and never living far from the beach as part of a nomadic and cosmopolitan family, Kirsty grew up on the shorelines of Indonesia, Singapore and Westchester, New York. These multicultural travels spawned her love of different fashions, travel and, of course beaches.