Kristin Calabrese

Kristin Calabrese: Born in San Francisco, Kristin Calabrese is a Los Angeles-based painter who received her MFA from UCLA in 1998. She works figuratively with oil on large-scale canvases that frequently feature domestic interiors, such as Luck of the Draw (2000), a mysterious portrait of a wrecked kitchen whose crumbling ceiling (painstakingly rendered in trompe-l’oeil) and strewn, uneaten food imply an earthquake. These interior scenes often take on anthropomorphic dimensions, as in He Loves Me (2000), a weathering and abandoned room that Calabrese imbues with the raw emotion of a break-up. In other works people are prominent, such as First Kiss, Homeless on Venice Beach (2006), a hyper-realistic close-up of a young tattooed couple making-out, and Spaghetti (2010), a meticulous self-portrait in which Calabrese has painted herself kneeling on the ground, her body shrouded by a stringy veil of cooked pasta. Elsewhere it is Calabrese’s bold and blunt use of text, writ-large atop the canvas that captivates us, as in “It’s not that I have been a saint, but I regret not sabotaging that bitch when I had the chance.” Calabrese has exhibited with Gagosian, Leo Koenig, Saatchi Gallery, Susanne Vielmetter, and Brennan & Griffin, amongst others. She is represented by Brennan & Griffin, where she has a solo show planned for October in New York. She also curates
provocative group shows with her partner, painter Joshua Aster. Her work can be seen online at