Kyle Bradford Author,

Kyle Bradford is the author of, a blog dedicated to observations and discussions about single parenting. Launched in late 2010, it is not the typical “daddy blog” about potty training, naps and minivans. Once referred to as ‘Confucius on a Chopper,” Kyle brings a shrewd and candid approach to the weighty issues single parents face such as coping after an extramarital affair, co-parenting, relationships and the kids, dealing with ex-spouses and other tidbits he affectionately refers to as “intellectual road kill.”

A single father almost a decade, Kyle co-parents his two children, both under the age of 10. Through his own mistakes, he is intimately familiar with the struggles single parents endure whether it’s answering our children’s questions about divorce, spending holidays alone or finding love again. Kyle tackles relevant topics from a distinctly male perspective.