Kyle Field

Kyle Field’s world on paper is composed of images both familiar and utterly abstract. His narratives lack a beginning, middle or end. They are simultaneously ordinary and utterly fantastical. Organic shapes coexist with primal figures in an expanding island of lines. His palette of deep browns, rich ochres, light pinks, sky blues, and emerald greens floats within a graphic network of pen and ink. Sometimes we’ll see an amalgamation of images; abstract trees, faces, and shapes of nothingness, each emptying into the next.

Everything seamlessly connects, implying a harmonious balance amidst imagery that is both elegant yet chaotic. Combined with the use of rich, organic colors, this unity of forms suggests a closeness to nature: the interconnectedness of all living things.

It is most likely because Field himself is a wandering poet and highly talented musician (he is at the helm of the group Little Wings) that he is able to create worlds of such beauty that feel so completely of the moment. Field’s life as a musician enters his artwork through the stream of consciousness poetry and phrases that are found in his drawings.