Lacy Arnold is the founder and CEO of

She is a professional coach, speaker, writer and full-time mom. She has a B.S. degree in Health and Wellness, is a certified personal trainer, and is a certified Precision Nutrition coach.

Lacy is dedicated to providing the strategies, tools and knowledge she has gained over the last 15 years to help empower other women. Her unique blend of easy-to-use diet and nutrition principles, including healing emotional eating behaviors through meditation and mindset and her no-nonsense approach to fitness exercises has transformed the lives of moms worldwide.

Lacy is also the co-creator of Sculptations, a successful meditation company. Her understanding of what it takes to master success — whether it’s weight loss, wealth creation, relationship building, or parenting — is a powerful part of Lacy uses her knowledge to help mothers recognize and reverse emotional eating using her guided meditations.