Leah Hadad is Founder and President of Tribes-A-Dozen, a certified national women’s business enterprise based in Washington, D.C. She developed Voilà! Hallah Egg Bread Mixes, a line of all-natural, kosher hallah bread mixes, which are now selling at Walmart and other mainstream and specialty food markets in the U.S. Hadad’s calling is to help people to reconnect with the ancient tradition of baking bread at home. She believes that baking bread is a spiritual experience that once defined our humanity. A self-taught baker and cook, who delights in skillfully adapting and mixing traditional recipes for the modern-day home cook, Leah posts her recipes on her blog "Mixin’ Traditions" by Leah. She also contributes to JewishFoodExperience.com and as a guest writer at other blog sites.