Levi Ben-Shmuel Author of Living Wisely

Levi Ben-Shmuel blends his intimate knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan and Kabbalah to create a unique, uplifting spiritual voice. He is the author of Living Wisely, a book that provides inspiration and keys to live a wise and balanced life based on his experience of two of the world’s great wisdom traditions – Judaism’s mystical Kabbalah and Taoism. Levi is the co-creator of Sulam Chi, a graceful and powerful movement form that integrates the energies of Tai Chi and Kabbalah’s mystical Tree of Life. (Sulam Chi means Ladder of Life Force Energy.) A DVD called, Sulam Chi: A Dance of Life, is a beautiful introduction to the movements and what is behind them.

Levi is also a singer-songwriter and writer. His CD, Take a New Road, is a joyous celebration of the inner journey toward freedom. He contributed an essay to the book How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth, a collection of 101 insightful essays from some of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders, and writers.

While pursuing a career in software development, he earned a master’s degree in economic development from MIT in 1989. Levi studied Yang-style Tai Chi intensively during his years in the Boston area. He moved to Israel in 1991. During his ten years there, Levi became a dual citizen of Israel and the U.S., taught Tai Chi, met his Kabbalah teacher, and co-created Sulam Chi. He returned to the States in 2001.

Websites: http://www.levibenshmuel.com

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