Lin Farley

Lin Farley is a wordsmith and a longtime member of the working press. After a journalism scholarship to USC she worked as a reporter and feature writer with the Associated Press in New York City, her longtime home. In 1980 she published her first book, Sexual Shakedown: the Sexual Harasment of Women on the Job which introduced the phrase sexual harassment into widespread usage and she has lectured extensively on the subject. After years as the "Sexual Harrassment Lady" however, Lin needed a break and took a job with The Free China Journal in Taipei. She lived in China for several years. Lin holds a Ph.d in Eastern and Western Psychology, is a practicing buddhist and a longtime progressive. She is at work on a new book based on her doctoral dissertion about how we socialize men about sex. She is also caretaking her 87-year-old Mom who along with her Dad were shop stewards in their respective unions. Lin is a proud member of the working class and, after having walked a long road that began with antipathy, today is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton.