Lindsey Pollak Consultant and nationally recognized expert on Millennials; author, 'Getting from College to Career'

Lindsey Pollak is a bestselling author, consultant and nationally recognized expert on Millennials. She is often called a “translator” between the generations and has more than a decade of experience advising both young professionals and organizations on the changing world of work. Her blog, "Lindsey Pollak Career," was recently named by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Websites for Women. Over the years Lindsey has consulted for and delivered keynote speeches and seminars to more than 100 major corporations, universities and conferences across the country.

Today, she serves on the New York Board of Directors of the Step Up Women’s Network, is a global spokesperson for LinkedIn and the lead collaborator for Levi’s “Shaping What’s To Come: Navigating Adulthood in the New Millennium” global study and white paper.

As the author of "Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World" and her blog, "Lindsey Pollak Career," her advice and opinions have appeared in media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, NPR and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

A graduate of Yale University, Pollak received her master’s degree in women’s studies at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. She currently lives in New York City with her husband.