Lindy McMullin Writer

My career of writing began at an early age, when I started writing poems in South Africa. Years later, I found myself in Washington DC, reading one of my poems that had received an award of merit. Three poems were published by the National Library of Poetry. I wrote poems about the soul, and the question of existence, and finally a book about the Journey in Life, currently awaiting publication. At the age of thirteen, in South Africa, I started working during vacations at Woodside Sanctuary, a center for challenged children. The three years I spent at Woodside, marked my choices to do a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Education and Psychology. When I moved to Greece at the age of twenty, I began teaching Kindergarten, then became a third grade teacher. Over the twenty five years of my teaching career, I taught elementary, middle and high school, eventually teaching college graduates. A life long learner, I received diplomas in Public Relations, Biotherapy, Stress Management, the Science of Intuition and Coaching. I completed a post graduate certificate in Western Esotericism, a Master of Science in Transpersonal Psychology and am currently doing my PhD. I am founder and president of SYNTHESIS, the Hellenic Association for Transpersonal Psychology, part of the European Department for Transpersonal Research and a European certified Transpersonal Psychotherapist. I am currently involved ın traveling abroad giving semınars and workshops, and recently published my first book 'A Soul's Journey' - The Essence of a Spiritual Path Towards the Transpersonal (Archive Publishing). I am also Editor of the European Transpersonal Association Newsletter.

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