Lisa Paul Streitfeld Kulturindustrie theorist and Web 3.0 Philosopher

Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a Kulturindustrie theorist and Web 3.0 Philosopher. She has written over 700 articles, essays, reviews and blog posts on a new modernist movement tracked in her writing since 1997. Her current multimedia "growth hacking" project,"Missing James Franco 3.0", an urban/online exploration into Web 3.0 collaboration, puts into practice a series of papers on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle launched with the 2009 Dublin XLIIIrd International Association of Art Critics (AICA) Conference and culminated at the 2012 CAA Centennial Conference in Los Angeles. A former Hollywood script analyst and novelist, her constant theme is transmitting the Kundalini Awakening into the culture through her writing for Sculpture, The New York Times, The Hartford Courant, The Los Angeles Times and Art New England, and several avant-garde journals. During her stint as the regular Connecticut reviewer (2000-2005) for Tribune Newspapers, she won the 2006 UUSIS Margaret Fuller Award for tracking a grassroots movement sourced in the hieros gamos, subject of her GESAMTKUNSTWERK.

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