Lisette Howlett is a London-based Sales trainer and consultant specialising in working with 'reluctant sales people'. Why reluctant? Well we didn't all grow up wanting to be in Sales and today 1 in 10 people are currently working in Sales and that doesn't even included non-sales selling like pitching, negotiating, managing a team or getting sign-off from your boss.

From business strategy and planning, to positioning and prospecting, to client acquisition and selling, to retention and referrals. Lisette covers it all with a unique personal and professional development system that looks at Attitude, Behaviour and Technique. Attitude: What do I believe? How can I persuade/motivate/move myself and others? Behaviour: What at the things I need to do and habits I need to adopt for a successful professional life? Technique: What winning tactics will help me achieve the things I want in my professional and personal life? What skills do I need to develop for success?