Lowell Thompson Chicago Artist, Writer, Recovering Adman

Lowell Thompson is a Chicago based artist-writer and recovering adman.

In 1968, he became one of the first AfrAmericans hired when the nation's biggest ad agencies opened themselves to "un-white" people after the riots that followed the assassination of Dr. King. He spent over 30 years creating ads and commercials for McDonald's, Coke, Nestle, Taster's Choice, etc. He even won the Clio award, the "Oscar" of advertising for his work on the "Da Bulls" campaign for Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls.

These days he uses his creativity (and ad agency savvy) to change America. The world may take a little longer. His newest blog, Buy The Cover.com
at http://www.buythecover.com is quickly becoming the Go-To site for America's growing Post-Literate literati. Skin Tax is one of his most noted covers.