L.R. (Lynn) Lehmann began his career in broadcasting as a young student, and by age 19 he was a leading personality in Salt Lake morning radio. Lehmann gathered top ratings for stations KNAK and KCPX during the late sixties, seventies and early eighties. During this period he produced, directed and hosted several local television programs and, anchored the KTVX/ABC 10:00PM Weekend News. Upon retirement from localradio and television, Lehmann formed Lehmann & Associates Television Inc., to develop, produce and syndicate nationally distributed television programs. While a producer at The Osmond Studios he produced pilots for Paramount Pictures Television, Tribune Entertainment, and NBC Television. “BEYOND BELIEF: Fact or Fiction”, a Fox Television Network series was written, created and co-produced by Lehmann, along with Dick Clark Productions.

Lehmann has published four books, including: BLIZZARD, Clear Illusion, Miracle at Midnight (BLIZZARD and Miracle at Midnight became regional best sellers) and his latest book, Naked and Crying. He and his wife have three sons and five grandchildren and reside in Salt Lake City.