Luann Robinson Hull Expert in relationships and the development of human consciousness

An expert in relationships and the development of human consciousness, Luann Robinson Hull holds a doctorate in Ministry as well as a Masters degree and Specialty License in Clinical Social Work. Her two-time award-winning book Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating! cracks the code to relationship challenges and unravels unhealthy patterns and cycles. Her message is filled with insight and real-life scenarios that relate to the issues people face today. Whether in a one-on-one personal session or in front of thousands, Luann’s dynamic message of how to find happiness now resonates loudly. The blog, “What a Gem,” offers a weekly nugget of encouragement to readers, and Luann can be found on several social networking platforms, including Twitter (@LuannRHull), Facebook, and YouTube, where she publishes inspirational videos entitled “Video Gems,” to inspire, empower and encourage her viewers.