Dr. Luann Robinson Hull (luannrobinsonhull.com) is the two time award winning author of Happily Ever After...Right Now, which cracks the code to relationship challenges and shows readers step by step how to unravel patterns, habits and cycles that keep them stuck. The book is written through a psycho-spiritual lens, drawing on Hull's twenty-five years of a fierce commitment to education and research in human behavior and spirituality. Her second book, Self Belonging, soon to be published, dives deeply into the subject of dependency in relationships, touching on the neuroscience and conditioning behind it all, with an overarching spiritual focus.Hull guides readers through the trenches by example, sharing lifelines along the way, as she shows you how to transcend unhealthy patterns while living into your limitless potential. The body of work she is able to share as both an author and speaker, demonstrate how to cultivate love, compassion, and meaning while realizing the infinite possibilities for expanding into the best version of yourself.