Lynne Glasner Writer, Editor, New York City

Lynne Glasner is a freelance editor and writer based in New York City. She has always had an interest in politics and social issues, and her work in the field of education confirmed her belief that education is both the solution and the problem. As both textbook author and blogger, her goal is not just to communicate and inform, but also to encourage consideration of alternative ways to view ideas.

As a generalist, she enjoys writing about varied subjects. She recently completed ghost writing a book about capital punishment (Jan. 09 pub. date) and has also written for HuffingtonPost, OpEdNews, Commondreams, RHRealityCheck and other web sites. Her editing experience has included subjects from big media to children's health, among other topics. She concedes that not all of the books she has been consigned to edit would have been on her reading list, but she always learned a lot in the process.