Magnus Norell Adjunct Scholar@The Washington Institute for Near East Policy & Senior Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy

Magnus Norell is an Adjunct Scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington DC as well as Senior Policy Advisor at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels. His research focus mainly on International Terrorism (particularly of the religiously motivated kind), Political Violence and tensions between religion and politics. In addition, Norell has written and researched extensively on issues concerning issues of national security and democracy-changes in the Middle East/North Africa region (MENA) and Pakistan and Afghanistan. Norell has a background in Military and Civil Intelligence where he worked on Counter-Terrorism and International Terrorism. He has served with the UN in Somalia (UNOSOM II) and has lived, worked and travelled for several years in the Middle East and the Af-Pak region. On November 18, 2015, his newest book was published in Swedish with an English translation to follow. Called: "Return of the Caliphate - causes and consequences", it's on the Islamic state.