Marc Whitten Corporate Vice President of Xbox LIVE

Marc leads the team responsible for Xbox LIVE, the largest social entertainment network in the living room that delivers games, movies, TV shows, music and social connections to more 20 million members around the world. Under Marc's leadership Xbox LIVE has become a true pop culture phenomenon. With a growing library of 25,000 movies and TV shows, partnerships with Netflix, BSkyB, Canal+ and, as well as the world's most dynamic social networks in Facebook and Twitter, Marc has transformed Xbox LIVE into an all-in-one entertainment network with a community that spans 26 countries. Through industry-leading software and services, and pioneering new subscription and content distribution models, Marc has positioned Xbox LIVE as a key driver of digital distribution and social connection in the living room, as well as a leading effort in Microsoft's overall entertainment strategy. An 11-year Microsoft veteran, Marc is one of the founding members of the Xbox team. Since 2000, he has brought the first Xbox console to market, launched Xbox LIVE, led the Xbox Accessories business, and played key roles in infrastructure development and audience expansion initiatives.