MARK SAMUEL is a Thought Leader and CEO of IMPAQ, an international consulting firm that guides organizations in achieving measurable breakthrough results within six months through a unique system that links Execution, Culture and Deliverables. Mark is the best selling author of the acclaimed Creating the Accountable Organization and his award winning newest book, Making Yourself Indispensable: the Power of Personal Accountability.

Mark is considered a “practical visionary” by top executives in many Fortune 500 companies. CNBC, Bloomberg and Fortune Magazine have recognized him as a top authority on how companies can end blame in the ranks and create a place where people want to work because they can produce results. Mark’s unique systems breakdown functional silos and creates cross-functional accountability to successfully implement global changes that increase profitability, build trust and increase efficiency.

You can learn more about Mark’s work by visiting You can contact him by e-mail at MarkS (at)