Marti is co-founder and CEO of PlanG, the official fundraising partner of Zoë Goes Running. PlanG is waiving their fee for 100% of donations to World Pediatric Project made through Zoë’s fundraising page.

Through its network of more than one million nonprofits, PlanG aligns consumers and businesses to reward philanthropy like never before. At PlanG, consumers manage no-cost accounts that integrate all aspects of giving – donation, fundraising and tax reporting. And by making online purchases through PlanG’s hundreds of retail partners, customers can make their donations grow even more. For businesses, PlanG offers easy-to-use incentive programs that infuse social impact into the customer experience, giving businesses an effective loyalty tool and their customers a way to personalize their giving. For nonprofits, PlanG is a cost-effective means for engaging donors using technology that makes giving simple. PlanG optimizes the giving experience for consumers, businesses and nonprofits alike.