Martine Singer joined Para Los Niños as President and CEO in 2012, bringing extensive experience in strategic planning, change management and visionary leadership. She was Executive Director for six years at Hollygrove, where she oversaw its transition from residential to community-based services and its merger with the statewide agency EMQ Families First. While at Hollygrove, she helped triple its annual budget, expanded services to South LA and initiated a master plan for its 3.5-acre campus.

Martine also held executive positions in several global media companies. She founded and served as publisher for the first foreign-language edition of The New York Times and launched the Los Angeles Times' award-winning online service in 1993. Martine also founded her own consulting firm serving media and communications clients as well as nonprofits. She has an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Martine’s passion is serving the most vulnerable children in impoverished, Latino communities of Los Angeles. While at Hollygrove she was privileged to see many children succeed and families thrive thanks to excellent – often intensive -- mental health and social services. But that service delivery model lacked a focus on education, and she worried that improving behavior and stabilizing families might not have truly lasting impact for children. She came to Para Los Niños because of her strong conviction that education is the path out of poverty, and that PLN’s schools were effective not just in delivering academic results but long-term change as well. She is a true evangelist for PLN’s unique integration of progressive educational practice; mental health and social services delivered at schools sites; and a deep commitment to parent engagement.