Mary Curlew is a Research Associate for the Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN). Mary’s responsibilities at WFRN include assisting with the transition from the Sloan Work and Family Research Network to the new WFRN, as well as managing the @WFRN Twitter feed and prepopulating the WFRN's new Open Access Repository. Also, Mary contributed to the former Sloan Network's blog, Bills by Theme, Statutes by Theme and Policy Briefing Series, now archived at WFRN.

Before working as a Research Associate at the Work and Family Researchers Network, Mary worked as a clinical social worker in private practice. Her concentrations included family therapy, postpartum adjustment and child development . Mary became interested in policy issues that affect women during this time and was an active member of a coalition to address perinatal mental health. She graduated from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.