Matthew Anderson Freelance writer/novelist/commentator

Currently a freelance writer/novelist/commentator who has also broadcast as a cable network radio interviewer, Matthew Anderson is a graduate of the University of Illinois with doctoral preparation at Northwestern University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a trained Political and Policy Scientist with emphases in Communications, American Politics and Research Methodology. A business consultant for several years, Mr. Anderson was 3M Company’s first African-American Computer Products Sales Engineer, is past Director of San Diego, California’s, “Committee for the Education of African-American Children” and now pilots “What One person Can Do,” an international children’s literacy program. A singer/songwriter as well, his musical and intellectual foci span folk and ethnic culture and modern gender relationships.

He is currently working on a work called "Knowbody", an aggregation of vignettes surrounding notable individuals that he has met over his career. Gloria Steinem, Jamie Foxx, Christopher and Dana Reeves, Buddy Guy, Nobel laureates Brown and Goldstein, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Paul Samuelson, Charles Barkeley, Denzell Washington, Astronaut Ron McNair, both Mayors Daley of Chicago and President John F. Kennedy are some of the voices that will be heard when the proper publisher is found.

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