Megan Pincus Kajitani Writer & Educator

Megan Pincus Kajitani is a professional writer, editor, artist & educator for 20 years. Her writing can be seen in such periodicals as Mothering Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, AOL’s Patch, Inside Higher Ed & books including Mama PhD, Senna Helps The Sea Lions (And You Can, Too!), Sunshine/Noir and Children & Media at Times of War & Conflict.

A student & teacher of our culture, Megan completed an M.A. in Communication Arts (Media & Cultural Studies) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and PhD work at the University of California-San Diego. She is also a trained and certified humane educator.

Megan lives in Southern California, with her teacher-husband Alex Kajitani (the 2009 California Teacher of the Year, with whom she has co-created two books and two CDs for teachers) and their two kids.

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