MeriLynn Blum has been practicing and studying yoga for almost 45 years. She is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and a Certified YogaRhythmics/Kripalu DansKinetics Teacher. For over 18 years, MeriLynn has taught yoga classes, movement classes, workshops and private students. She is the creator of the Moving Energy practice, a healing journey of movement through the energy centers of the body that is based on yogic philosophy, psychology and a profound trust in the wisdom of the body. She also works with individuals to increase inner awareness and freedom from conditioned responses.

In addition, MeriLynn holds advanced degrees in English and Counseling Psychology. Her previous work history includes copywriter and Vice-President of a sales promotion company, high school English and Dramatics teacher and therapist at Seton Hall University and Drew University.

She brings to her teaching and speaking engagements, the depth of years of yoga practice, self-study and healing, a deep compassion for the challenges of being human and sensitivity to the demands of contemporary life. (For more information, see