Mia Hogues Aspiring stylist; co-star, 'Houston Beauty'

Acceptance has never come easy for Mia -- even in her own family. When she was growing up as Ryan, her family had a hard time dealing with her transition into a transgender woman. Because of this lack of support, Mia left home at 13 and began her struggle to find her place in the world. With no financial support, she eventually turned to escorting to make ends meet.

Mia wants more than anything to earn her cosmetology license so that she can support herself as a stylist, but paying the bills is a real struggle. She is constantly torn between her old life of escorting and her new dreams of becoming a stylist. Mia left Franklin Beauty School in Houston three times already, and owner Ms. J has made it clear that this is the last time that she is letting Mia back at Franklin. More importantly, Mia knows that this is her last chance to leave behind her dangerous past and focus on mending her future.