Mica Caine High school senior in Ohio

Mica Caine is currently a junior at Pickerington High School North. She is very politically oriented; she serves as Vice President of her school’s Junior State of America chapter (a debate and civil leadership organization) and as a regional publicity agent. Although she is an independent, she closely identifies with many beliefs of the Democratic and Libertarian party. Aside from politics, Mica considers herself a coffee aficionado; she has worked as barista at a local coffee shop for almost a year. Mica is also National Chief Operations Officer of the National Black MBA Association Leaders of Tomorrow. She enjoys blogging, debating, reading, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering. Having a father who is a firefighter and a mother who works for a nonprofit organization, she mostly writes about middle class issues, but also boundless topics in education. Mica plans on majoring in finance or business economics, but her travels to Western Europe have also sparked her interest in Foreign Service.