Michael McCarthy's credits include writing for "Saturday Night Live," "Sesame Street," and "The Drew Carey Show," along with many, many Comedy Central projects--not to mention creating a TV series for Channel Four in England called "Beyond The Pale," a morning radio show in Chicago called "The Morning Fix," and a comedy festival in Ireland called "The Cat Laughs." Prior to most of that he opned five reviews at The Second City in Chicago, three on the mainstage with titles like "Economy Of Errors" (ha), "Winner Takes Oil" (ha, ha), and "Truth, Justice Or The American Way." His news-driven sketch comedy show, Big News (www.bignewstv.com), runs live every Friday night at The iO West Theater, located in the velvet crotch section of Hollywood, where exists a symbiotic relationship between junkies, hookers and Scientologist!

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