Michael Uslan Executive Producer, 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'The Dark Knight'

Executive Producer of: two top grossing movies in history, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) and THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) the latter with 8 Oscar nominations, winner Best Supporting Actor, 5 Peoples’ Choice Awards, winner Best Picture ; BATMAN BEGINS (2005); BATMAN (1989), winner Best Picture, People’s Choice Award; BATMAN RETURNS (1992); BATMAN FOREVER (1995); BATMAN & ROBIN (1997); THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, PART 1 & 2 (2012-13); BATMAN: YEAR ONE (2011); BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD (2010); SUPERMAN - BATMAN: APOCALYSE ( 2010); SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009); GOTHAM KNIGHT (2008); BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER (2000) ), winner, Annie Award for outstanding achievement in animation; BATMAN: MYSTERY OF THE BATWOMAN (2003); CATWOMAN (2004); BATMAN VS. DRACULA (2005); BATMAN & MR. FREEZE: SUB-ZERO (1998).

Producer of: BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM (1993); CONSTANTINE (2005); THE SPIRIT (2008); Assoc. Producer, NATIONAL TREASURE (2004).

Winner of the Emmy Award as Executive Producer for “Best Animated Series”, WHERE ON EARTH IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? (1994-97).

Writer of my memoir for Chronicle Books (2012), THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN.

Executive Producer: THREE SOVEREIGNS FOR SARAH, acclaimed PBS/American Playhouse Salem Witch Trials mini-series starring Vanessa Redgrave (1985); TUROK, SON OF STONE (2008); ROBIN COOK’S HARMFUL INTENT, CBS-TV movie based on the best-seller (1993); LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE’S VERY ANIMATED CHRISTMAS (also writer) for Fremantle (1995); prime-time animated series FISH POLICE (CBS 1992); and Creator/Writer/Executive Producer of DINOSAUCERS, 65 episodes animated (1987-1993).

Producer: SWAMP THING (1982); RETURN OF SWAMP THING (1989). Executive Producer: SWAMP THING cartoon series (1991-93); SWAMP THING prime-time live-action series, 72 episodes (USA Network 1991-93, SyFy Channel 1994-99). Producer of the documentaries: THE MARVEL SUPER-HEROES GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY (Discovery Channel 2004); LEGENDS BEHIND THE COMIC BOOKS (2009); Executive Producer , historical segments for NBC’s 1988 Summer Olympics; THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN (2013).

Instructor of both the first accredited college course and correspondence course on comic books (Indiana University 1971); author of: the first text-book on comics, The Comic Book In America; America At War- A History Of War Comics; Mysteries In Space- A History Of Science Fiction Comics; Best Of Archie; The Comic Book Revolution; The Pow! Zap! Wham! Comic Book Trivia Quiz Book; Introductions for: Superman In Action Comics Archive V 3; Batman In The 50’s ; Shazam Archive V 3 ; Thunder Agents Archive V 1, V 2; Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The DC Universe V 1, V 2, V 3, Omnibus; Mighty Crusaders Archive V1; Superman In World’s Finest Comics Archive V 1; Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told; Comic Cavalcade Archive V 1; Catwoman: 9 Lives Of A Feline Fatale; Brave & Bold Team-Up Archive V 1, V2; Spirit Archive V16; Enemy Ace Archive V 2; Adam Strange Archive V 2; Batman: Dynamic Duo Archive V 2; Green Lantern Archive V 6; The Spirit: Femmes Fatales; Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Captain America V 3, V 4, V 5; Marvel Masterworks, Young Allies V 1; Batman Annuals V 1, V 2; The Pureheart Archives; Archie, Will You Marry Me?; Archie: The Married Life; Batman Archive V 8; Archie Archive, V 8; The Shadow V 63; Silver Age Teen Titans Archive V2.

Author of: CHATTERBOX: THE BIRD WHO WORE GLASSES, a 2006 Best Children’s Books Award Finalist; BATMAN: DETECTIVE #27 graphic novel (2004). Co-Creator, the manga graphic novel, THE MYSTERIANS (2008).Writer, syndicated comic strip, TERRY & THE PIRATES, (1995-96); Initiator/writer, JUST IMAGINE with Stan Lee (2001-02); scripter, BATMAN and THE SHADOW comic books (the ‘70’s); THE QUESTION; Will Eisner’s THE SPIRIT (2009); THE SPIRIT BLACK & WHITE (2010); ARCHIE GETS MARRIED (2009-2010); LIFE WITH ARCHIE (2010), Eisner Award nominee; THE AVENGER MEETS THE GREEN HORNET (2012); UNDERSEA AGENT (2012); BATMAN (2013); THE SHADOW MEETS THE GREEN HORNET (2013).

Author of numerous books including DICK CLARK’S THE FIRST 25 YEARS OF ROCK AND ROLL (Dell), a Literary Guild Selection; THE ROCK ‘N ROLL TRIVIA QUIZ BOOK (Simon & Schuster); THE TV TRIVIA QUIZ BOOK V 1 and V 2 (Crown); ARCHIE MARRIES (Harry Abrams).

Motion picture production attorney for United Artists in charge of legal affairs of films including APOCALYPSE NOW, ROCKY II, RAGING BULL, and THE BLACK STALLION (1976-80).

Participant, Vice President Joe Biden’s entertainment industry meeting on gun violence (2013); Member, Advisory Board, Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership (2003-2009); Member, Board of Directors, Wild Brain Animation Studio (1999-2005). Member, Board of Trustees, Center for Excellence in Education (1993-99). Former member, Youth Grants Panel, National Endowment for the Humanities. Vice Chairman, New Jersey Film Commission (1992-2013). Member, Board of Trustees, Thomas Edison/Black Maria Film Festival (1992-2002).

Recipient of: World’s first Doctorate of Comic Books, Monmouth University 2012;CINE Motion Picture Industry Trailblazer Award 2012; Inkpot Award, highest honor from Comic Con for lifetime achievement 2012; Honorary Doctor of Arts Degree 2012; Peace Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2011; West Point’s Cadet’s Choice Award 2009; Montclair Art Museum Award for extraordinary artistic and creative contributions to American comic books 2007; The President’s Medal for Excellence, IU 2006; Academy of Law Fellows 2006; Iconosphere Award for Film 2006; Independent Spirit Award 2005; President’s Circle Award, IU 2002; Distinguished Hoosier Award 2001; Hoagy Carmichael Creative Achievement Award 1989; Who’s Who in Entertainment; Who's Who in the World.

Creator of museum exhibits on the history/art of comic books for The Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art (NY 2011-12); Montclair Art Museum (New Jersey, 2007-2008); The Lilly Library (Indiana University, 2005); Advising/Loaning, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute, Salutes Power of Superheroes Imagery in Fashion (2008).

On-camera DVD/TV: The Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy Collection (2013); The Dark Knight Rises (2012); The Dark Knight Returns, Pt 1 & 2 (2012/2013); The Batmobile (2012); Batman Year One (2011); Justice League: Crisis On 2 Worlds (2010); The Spirit (2009); Wonder Woman (2009); Justice League: A New Frontier (2008); Legends Behind the Comic Books (2009); Comic Books Unbound (2008); Turok (2008); The Stan Lee Story: With Great Power (2012); Drew: The Man Behind the Poster (2012); Batman Movie ‘67 (2008); Gotham Knight (2008); Popeye Collection (2007); Aquaman Collection (2007); In a Single Bound (2006); Superman Movie Collection (2006); Batman Movie Collection (2005); World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, Villains & Vixens (2005).

Commencement speaker, Indiana University 2006 (named one of the top ten commencement speeches of all time by USA TODAY), IU School of Law 2003; Speaker, Smithsonian Institution 2006-07; United Nations & State Dept. 2011-12; Keynote speaker: NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 2008; Summit Series 2012; Brand Innovators 2012-13; San Diego Comic Con (Guest of Honor) 2012; NY ComiCon 2009-12; Chicago ComiCon 2010; West Point 2009; Television Academy of Arts & Sciences 2011; Producers Guild of America 2011; The Economist Magazine Human Potential Conference 2012; Museum of Modern Art 2012; AIDS Coalition; 60 Universities.

Education: Doctor of Jurisprudence, Indiana University School of Law 1976; Master of Science in Urban Education, Indiana University School of Education 1975; Bachelor’s Degree in History, IU 1973.