Michael Weingartner

Michael Weingartner has done just about everything in the entertainment business except get people to remember his name. He can list producer for NBC, commentator for VH1 and A & E, horror film star, online host, stand-up comic with international credits, Sirius Satellite Radio host and Russian auto mechanic on the short-lived sitcom “Make it Hot,” as some of his credits. Weingartner is known for his ability to slip into any role, channeling the personas of the famous, the infamous and the imaginary with pitch-perfect skill. Weingartner’s current Sirius colleague and former SNL star Jim Breuer recently said, “…is SNL, or somebody going to snag this guy up?” Hopefully that “somebody,” will not be the Illuminati. “John McCain: A Long Day’s Journey into Vietnam,” the work he samples on 23/6, is a radio program scheduled to air nationally in time for the conventions. Along with McCain, you can also hear Weingartner appear as Ira Glass, Dan Rather, Rudy Giuliani and several fictitious personages with frightening accuracy. Weingartner is currently co-producing and appearing in a television pilot for a major cable network, and you can hear him every Saturday night on “Sounds from Space,” on Sirius 104. Weingartner hosts the program under the guise of the character Fake Carl Sagan, and he has recently welcomed the likes of David Duchovny and Buzz Aldrin to his show. The unmarried 30-something Weingartner has a weakness for women who are at least 5’6” with jet-black hair and blue eyes. Comments about the program, other than, “what, or whom, or for how long he should suck this or that,” would be welcomed at mpweingartner@gmail.com.