Co-Founder/Ambassador of Good Vibes Relations
Give Tanks

Twitter: @MikeyTangoVI

Mikael Doumeng was born and raised in board shorts on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. After graduating high school Mikael took advantage of his dual-citizenship, packed up his warmest clothes and moved to Uppsala, Sweden for 14 months where he studied Sustainable Development at Uppsala University. It was during his year in Europe that Mikael first recognized his passions for positivity, spontaneous road trips, experiencing different cultures, listening to people’s stories, making friends laugh, and doing his part to save the world.

Mikael’s addictions include anything aquatic, traveling the world, cliff jumping, making new friends and smiling at complete strangers.

Currently cultivating his intellect at the University of Miami, Mikael and his 2 best friends recently founded Give Tanks, a philanthropic tank-top company reminding everyone to ‘be tankful’ for the little things in life, with 25% of profits after taxes invested in community-based development programs in overlooked communities around the world.
Give Tanks has been dedicated to working in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, one of the most densely populated and poorest areas in Nicaragua. Their first project in Ciudad Sandino gave a micro-finance grant to a group of local mothers/dressmakers to start a microbusiness of affordable school uniforms, renovated and supplied brand new books to a local library, and provided lab supplies to a local high school’s new science program. Mikael and Give Tanks are currently working in partnership with the Phoenix Foundation, a non-profit NGO youth empowerment organization, to build the cities first public BMX/Skate Park to fund Art Programs at Phoenix that are not taught in school.

When not in class or fine-tuning his good vibes agenda, Mikael enjoys a good book, a skate session through the neighborhood, a cold Heineken and conversations with Mom. Connect with Mikael and Give Tanks online