Mike is the guiding force behind the inspirational community art movement, EvolveArts. In 1990 Mike formed EvolveArts to bring provocative public art installations out of galleries and museums and into open, public spaces for everyone to enjoy and interpret. The installations are designed to catalyze action, rekindle human connection and stimulate thoughtful and positive attention on important social issues by weaving together art, culture, community and media in constructive forums.

Today, EvolveArts has grown to provide an interactive cultural forum on the Internet, present thought provoking public art to thousands of people in busy metropolitan areas and produce compelling cultural books and documentaries.

Currently, Mike is touring the country with Dialogue Project, an installation consisting of nine, 7 X 8 foot screens with inspirational quotations and lifecast faces on them. Two art cars covered in intricate sea shell mosaics -- which spark smiles and curiosity wherever they go -- provide the transportation for the public art installations.

Dialogue, Mike's latest best-selling book, details this ongoing cross country journey. A full-length documentary about Dialogue Project has just been released and is touring film festivals.

Mike graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with honors in the Social Sciences where he focused on studies in sociology, economics and politics.

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