Milton Curry is an academic, designer, curator and editor. He is founding editor of CriticalProductive - a peer-reviewed journal of architecture, urbanism and cultural theory distributed globally by Disticor; principal of OrbitMCA designstudio; and associate dean at University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, where he also oversees Master of Urban Design and Master of Science degrees. He graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design with an MArch in 1992, and from Cornell University with a BArch in 1988. Since 1992, Professor Curry has taught architecture at University of Michigan, Cornell, Harvard, and Arizona State University; and was director of the Cornell Council for the Arts from 2002-2008.

At University of Michigan since 2010, Professor Curry has implemented new curricula in graduate degree concentrations in urban design, design and health, conservation, material systems and digital technologies. Recent publications include an essay in Where are the Utopian Visionaries (Periscope Press, 2012), editing of CriticalProductive V1.1:Theoretic Action (2011) and CriticalProductive V2.2: Post-Capitalist City (2012), and two essays for The Huffington Post: “What Obama can learn from Brazil” (2011) and “Nixon in China and the American City” (2011). Professor Curry has been awarded grants from the Graham Foundation, and has been featured on CNN Design 360. He is currently teaching and working on a manuscript that presents urbanization in the aftermath of postwar Modernist development in the United States and South / Latin America as a phenomena linked to the the unique quest for social freedom, and the role of racial theory in the constructed identities of Americans.