Molly Secours Writer, Filmmaker, Speaker, Columnist:

Molly Secours is a writer/filmmaker/speaker who has used her artistic talents to effect social change and public policy regarding inequities in health care, education, criminal justice etc.

For over 10 years, Secours’ writings have appeared in mainstream and internet magazines and newspapers and she has appeared on local and national television and radio talk shows including CNN's Paul Zahn Now and is a weekly co-host of "Freestyle" with veteran Nashville Journalist Ron Wynn.

As a Cancer survivor, Secours gives a talk called The Upside Of Cancer and writes about many issues from a healing perspective while drawing the parallels between battling a deadly disease and confronting and disrupting systemic and institutional privilege--a symptom of an imbalanced and unhealthy society.

Through her film company One Woman Show Productions and her documentary films, Secours has earned national recognition in the world of social justice.

Molly has produced videos for Death Penalty Institute and her health care documentary “Faces Of TennCare: Putting A Human Face On Tennessee’s Health Care Failure” is currently being aired on The Documentary Channel. Casting a national spotlight on Tennessee’s health care crisis, the film has been praised by members of the United States Congress including representatives John Conyers, Jesse Jackson Jr. and from Senator Edward Kennedy.

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