Morgan Wienberg is the co-founder of Little Footprints Big Steps International Development Organization (LFBS). Raised in northern Canada’s Yukon Territory, six months after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, this then-18 year old high school valedictorian traded her snow boots for sandals and set off for the devastated country. In 2011, LFBS became a registered Canadian charity. LFBS strives to provide Haitian children with appropriate shelter, food, and education through strategic projects intended to build sustainable lives. The work includes advocacy and rescue of the most vulnerable -- children from the streets, from corrupt orphanages and from abusive, enslaved situations. At the Transitional Safehouse they receive love, medical, food, clothes, education and, where possible, are reunited with their families. Then work continues with the families toward healthy, self-sustainability by providing them with a trade or farm animals. Morgan, now 21, lives in Haiti full-time and is fluent in Kreyol. She is the sole Westerner there and her work is totally voluntary. LFBS subsists totally on donations. She has been a recipient of the Governor General Academic Achievement Award and the first youth recipient of the Yukon Commissioner Award. Her work was recognized in Canada with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, in Washington, D.C. as a finalist for the Berger-Marks Foundation for Young Women Impacting Social Justice and internationally with the awarding of Rotary International Paul Harris Fellowship Award for Humanitarian Impact. In August 2013, she was a guest speaker at the United Nations Youth Assembly.