Nate Holzapfel The Customer Expert, Mission Belt, Shark Tank, The Nate State of Mind

Nate Holzapfel became nationally known for his sales and communication abilities when he aired on season 4 of ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank making a deal with fashion legend Daymond John. America was blown away by Nate’s ability to keep a positive control of a room full of aggressive investors and still get a deal with one of them. Since then Nate has been praised by publications such as Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and Haute living for his ability to negotiate and make deals. Even billionaire Mark Cuban swears Nate is the best salesman he has ever seen.

In light of his entrepreneurial success, selling millions and millions of dollars of his products and services online and in retail environments, Nate has been hired to consult and train businesses all over the country. Training through his consulting firm, The Nate State of Mind has capacitated small businesses to billion dollar venture capital firms.

Nate is now taking on his newest and most exciting role yet, switching sides from hired gun to customer advocate! Nate Holzapfel is The Customer Expert. He connects businesses and customers by teaching customers how to get great deals and and trains businesses to give great customer service which attracts and retains life-long customers. Nate noticed that all too often customer service was the biggest issue businesses had, so he created "The 10 Customer Commandments" to help businesses love their customers more and consequently earning loyalty. Now he educates and trains both sides of the table so theres real communication between businesses and customers. Businesses which embrace his 10 Customer Commandments become eligible for "Nate Likes" helping customers know which businesses care most about their needs.

Among Nate's interests, his Mission Belt Company which he launched in June 2012, along with his brother Zac, has helped over 35,000 families in the fight against global hunger through interest free micro loans all over the planet, mainly focusing on women in under developed countries, Nate states that "Women often have more integrity then men, they always pay you back, we knew this was a crucial part of this program outliving ourselves".
"The accessory industry has always held a huge portion of the fashion industry, however, no one company had focused solely on belts. Fashion houses designed and created them as an afterthought." Holzapfel said. Nate had a vision to create a company that made belts and nothing else, the first of its kind in the fashion industry to ever truly brand a belt on a national level. Nate often points out he is not an inventor, “This type of belt has been out for 20 plus years or more in places like Asia but no one had ever done it right” Oakley branded sunglasses, Skullcandy was successful with making headphones a fashionable accessory, and Nate’s vision was to accomplish this with Mission Belts, which he and his partners have done.

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