Network 20/20 Network 20/20 Membership and Program Affairs Director

Network 20/20 is an independent, nonprofit organization that helps prepare next generation leaders in the U.S. to participate meaningfully in the promotion of entrepreneurial diplomacy and global security. We do this by means of lectures and study groups here at home and field research overseas. Our aim is to better understand on-the-ground realities in countries of global importance. The published research resulting from these trips is circulated to the U.S. government, private sector policy makers, and NGOs.

Network 20/20 members are a talented, diverse, and multilingual group that includes foreign nationals living in the U.S. Our members come from business, the professions, the media, NGOs, think tanks, government, and academia; two-thirds have advanced degrees. What draws them together is that they are all “thinking,” motivated individuals who are volunteering significant time and energy in furthering America’s positive engagement with the world.