Nick Carr Film location scout and blogger

For four years, Nick Carr has worked as a film location scout in New York City, combing the streets for every locale imaginable for use in feature films. His work has taken him from the highest rooftops to the deepest subway tunnels, from forgotten alleys and abandoned ruins to luxury penthouse apartments and even castles.

Nick says: "When your job is to stare at the city and pay close attention, you start to notice that New York is filled with amazing, beautiful, and sometimes quirky sights and artifacts that are completely ignored by the majority of its residents.'"

He began blogging his finds on his website,, in 2008 and has since written over 150 articles under his alias, "Scout." Topics have included historical relics, hospital and lab ruins, advertising remnants, rooftop houses, New York's skinniest buildings, and even evidence of modern-day occult practices in a local cemetery.

Nick has been interviewed on NPR's "The Brian Lehrer Show" and by, has written a feature article for the NY Post, and will soon appear in an upcoming edition of Time Out: New York. Check out his favorite NYC finds here.

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