Nina Wolff Feld is the author of Someday You Will Understand: My Father’s Private WWII.

This riveting nonfiction narrative, distills the harrowing, hilarious, and inspiring details of civilian and military life on both sides of the Atlantic. The vignettes, conversations, political reflections, humorous episodes, and vividly drawn people throughout the book are unforgettable.

Her story highlights her father's flight from the Nazis through Europe with his family when he was fifteen, his arrival in the United States in 1941, and his sojourn as a refugee student in New York's Dwight School before his basic training in the U.S. Army. Shortly after the death of President Roosevelt he returns to Europe, as a Ritchie Boy. Having reversed his role as a young
Jew on the run in Europe to occupy a position of authority in the U.S Army Intelligence Corps, he went from being persecuted by to prosecuting his oppressors.

Artist and writer Nina Wolff Feld, a seasoned speaker who has spoken to groups from New York to Washington D.C., grew up in New York City and, like her father, has traveled extensively across the United States and throughout Europe. Articulate and engaging, she infuses her audiences with the poignancy, pain, pleasure and surprise of her powerful family stories--as if she were relating them for the very first time.

Youthful, energetic, and passionate, Ms. Feld is a knowledgeable historian of World War II and several generations of her family. Educated from childhood at the Lycée Français de New York and Friends Seminary she received a B.S. in Fine Art from Skidmore College in 1984 and a Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in 1988. During the
1980s her paintings became part of the East Village and Soho art scene and are privately collected.

She speaks French, Italian, Spanish, and English fluently and can easily handle live television, radio, and Web interviews and book-signing events in any of those languages. Ms. Feld's outgoing personality and gracious personal style make her an ideal prospect for author tours. She has extensive experience setting up interviews with media outlets and corporations, doing
community outreach, and connecting in meaningful ways with older and younger groups of potential readers.

Ms. Feld is a contributing writer at The Ultimate History Project, a daily online journal created to promote high-quality cutting-edge historical scholarship which takes history out of academe to reach a wide readership. Her literary agent is
Jennifer Lyons.