Olivier Magny Author

Olivier Magny is the “O” in O Chateau. He is the host of video blog “WineRendez-Vous“.

Olivier started O Chateau at age 24 after working in La Jolla, CA and for Le Cellier Saint-Paul in Paris. Since he started O Chateau, Olivier has taught wine to more than 40,000 people. He has traveled through France, Italy, Australia, America, Argentina, Switzerland and New Zealand to taste wine.

Today, Olivier splits his time between classes at O Chateau, writing the “Stuff Parisians Like” blog, developing a TV series about wine, and working on his book about terroir. And of course there is eating and drinking – usually in excess, but always with good people.

In 2010, British comedian Paul Merton chose Olivier as his guide to Paris and to Champagne on his Channel 5“Paul Merton in Europe” series. That is a bit too much of a responsibility for Olivier, who sees himself , really, as an ambassador to nothing but good wine and living the good life.