Omar Baddar Political analyst & digital producer

Omar Baddar is a Political Scientist and Human Rights Activist based in Washington, DC. He earned his M.A. in International Relations and Comparative Politics from the University of Memphis, where he wrote his Master's thesis on US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He is the former Executive Director of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Massachusetts. Omar travels to the Middle East on a biennial basis, and has participated in dozens of panels, lectures, and debates on college and university campuses throughout the US on conflicts in the Middle East and on US policy towards the region. He has made several media appearances, including BBC World Service, Al-Jazeera English, Palestine TV, and several local TV and radio programs.

The views expressed here are solely those of Omar Baddar and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of any organization with which he is otherwise affiliated.

Email: omarbaddar[at]

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