Dr. Orly Wiersma has served as an organizational consultant for many years, supporting the airline, automotive and aerospace industries as well as metal, chemical and gold industries. Orly has an intensive experience internationally with projects spun around Europe, The USA and The Far East. Orly’s expertise is in change management as well as leadership development and process improvement. Throughout the years, she assisted and coached leaders, managers and employees in different organizations supporting major changes such as IT implementations, reorganizations and mergers. The combination of her interpersonal skills with a touch of creativity and effective problem solving skills earned her a happy and long term clientele relationships.

Recently, Orly has shifted her focus from supporting employees through organizational change towards dealing with children that are going through major changes in their lives. She serves as a School Psychologist in an exclusive private school and support children going through maladjustment issues such as illnesses, parents’ divorce or loss of a loved one. She’s also responsible for accommodating school requirements for children on the autism spectrum or that suffers from any learning disability or disadvantage. Orly is also a bigger advocate of modifying and accommodating school’s demands for children’s needs and abilities. Her biggest moto: ‘Where a child is happy, he/she thrives.’ Orly lives happily with her husband and their four children ages 9, 71/2, 6 and 3, at Los Angeles, California. She enjoys biking and hiking with her family along the ocean. She enjoys listening to and playing music with her kids and enjoys cooking and art.

Additionally, Orly has teamed up with two other colleagues to write a book on positive change and family, work-life balance. This book came to life through their professional and personal experiences. They have shifted the organizational theories that have been implemented in the workplace to their personal sphere. Their hypothesis: If it works in the workplace, why not apply it at home? It worked for them, it can work for you!