Dr. Patricia Fisher is a clinical psychologist and the Co-Founder and COO of Request For Relief. As a long time trauma specialist, over the past 15 years Dr. Fisher has focused her attention on the impact and mechanisms of workplace stress in trauma-informed workplaces. She has been active as a clinician, researcher, and consultant, with applications in program design, curriculum development, organizational planning, and policy development. She has authored 6 texts and numbers of research papers on the subject of trauma-informed occupations, and is a frequent presenter at international conferences and professional meetings.

Dr. Fisher’s work has focused on the needs of organizations and personnel in high risk areas such as healthcare, human and social services, law enforcement, corrections, emergency services, and the military. Her assessment protocols, training programs, and consultation services are all firmly grounded in contemporary research and best practices. Dr. Fisher is one of the leaders in Organizational Health and Workplace Wellness in trauma-informed environments in North America, and has provided assessment and consultation to many organizations from the high stress and trauma sectors across Canada and internationally.