Paul Hunting Author, authentic leadership coach, horse-assisted coaching trainer, horse whisperer

Paul Hunting’s talent lies not so much in being an expert scholar or theologian but in having a knack for reading symbols and metaphors, a skill that has led him to his greatest challenge: the symbology in the Bible.

For 30 years Paul has been a champion of the consciousness revolution. A psychology grad and erstwhile ad man, he uses metaphor extensively as a tool for transformation. He pioneered "executive coaching" in the 80s and more recently created the rapidly growing field of leadership development -- Horse Assisted Leadership -- where metaphor and authentic communication are keys to growth and learning.

He lives near Stratford-on-Avon, England with his wife and five horses. He is author of Original Heresy: The Light Behind the Shadows in the Bible and Why Talk to a Guru? When You Can Whisper to a Horse.

You can contact Paul at

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